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    企業法人營業執照 Business License for an Enterprise as a Legal Person 工程設計甲級資質證書Engineering Design Qualification Certificate(Class A) 工程監理甲級資質證書Engineering Supervision Qualification Certificate (Class A) 人民防空工程建設監理甲級資質證書Civil Air Defense Project Construction Supervision Qualification Certificate (Class A) 工程咨詢資格證書甲級Engineering Consulting Qualification Certificate (Class A) 機電安裝工程施工總承包貳級資質證書General Contracting Projects of the Installation of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Qualification Certificate(Grade II) 城鄉規劃編制乙級資質證書Urban and Rural Planning Qualification Certificate (Class-B ) 防雷工程專業設計丙級資質證書Lightning Protection Engineering Design Qualification Certificate(Class-C) 特種設備設計許可(壓力管道)Design License for Special Equipment (Pressure Pipes) 特種設備設計許可(壓力容器)Design License for Special Equipment (Pressure Vessels) 進出口貨物收發貨人報關注冊登記證書Import and Export Goods Declaration Registration Certificate 對外貿易經營者備案登記表The Registration Form for International Trade Operators 誠信證書Credit Certificate 質量管理體系認證證書(中文)Quality Management Systems Certificate(Chinese) 質量管理體系認證證書(英文)Quality Management Systems Certificate(English) 環境管理體系認證證書(中文)Environmental Management Systems Certificate (Chinese) 環境管理體系認證證書(英文)Environmental Management Systems Certificate (English) 職業健康安全管理體系認證證書(中文)Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Certificate(Chinese) 職業健康安全管理體系認證證書(英文) Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Certificate(English) 中央國家機關建設項目工程咨詢服務單位 第一頁Engineering Consulting Company of Central State Organs Construction Projects Page 1 中央國家機關建設項目工程咨詢服務單位 第二頁Engineering Consulting Company of Central State Organs Construction Projects Page 2 中央國家機關老舊房屋抗震節能綜合改造工程設計服務單位Engineering Design Company of Central State Organs Seismic Energy Saving Comprehensive Renovation Projects of Old Buildings 中央國家機關建設項目工程咨詢服務單位Engineering Consulting Company of Central State Organs Construction Projects 中央國家機關房屋建筑工程監理定點單位Fixed-point Supervision Company of Central State Organs Housing Construction Projects 北京市海淀區發展和改革委員會投資項目管理中介機構入選單位Selected Company of Project Investment and Management Intermediaries of Development and Reform Committee of Haidian District, Beijing City 北京市東城區發展和改革委員會中介機構庫入選單位 Selected Company of Development and Reform Committee Intermediaries of Dongcheng District, Beijing City 安全生產許可證Safety Production Licence 安全生產標準化二級企業Safety Production Standardization Certificate 中關村高新技術企業Zhongguancun High and New Technology Enterprise “守合同重信用”企業公示證明Credit Certificate 測試test

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